Friday, February 6, 2009


Waitangi Day - New Zealand's National Day so some old Kiwi songs.

Monument to Opo

Opo the magical dolphin. There is a ton of information on the Net about that magic summer at Opononi in 1955.

Johnny Devlin

Johnny Devlin - The NZ Elvis Presley. Today his 1950's music sounds poor. Mainly due, I think, to the lack of good recording facilities at the time, not his ability as a singer as some 50 years later he is still going strong in Australia. Lawdy was recorded at The Jive Centre hall in Auckland and the quality is not good. Still it sold thousands.To show how good he is listen to 'Rock and Roll I gave you the best years of my life'

Daphne Walker with another great from the 1950's.

So we have:
Johnny Devlin - Rock and roll (I gave you the best years of my life) and Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Pat McMinn - Opo the crazy dolphin
Daphne Walker - Haere Mai


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