Saturday, February 21, 2009



Foreign - Dutch/Indonesian the Blue Diamonds with Hello Mary Lou & Ramona.

French/Canadian - Lucille Starr with The French song. I had never heard the song, which was a hit around the mid 60's, until a few years ago and then managed to get a copy.

English/German - Leroy van Dye with Geh Nicht Vorbei which translates into his big hit of Walk on by. An interesting version starting in English then moving to German.

And over seas - Telstar was the first (1962) intercontinental communications satellite linking the Old World, Europe, to the New, North America over seas, the Atlantic.

Here we have the above as well as vocal versions of Telstar by Margie Singleton (who called her same tune song Magic Star) and Bobby Rydell who used the correct name as well as the Tornados with the original instrumental version.

I see that the music video of Telstar on YouTube was directed by Alan Smithee. This is the name used in the credits of a film by a Director when they wanted to disassociate themselves from the released production.

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