Sunday, February 22, 2009


Col Joye - probably Australia's first real singing star that had a long career in the business with Johnny O'Keefe dying young.

We have here some songs and including some different versions of the same song from the brilliant Col Joye -

Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye - an updated version from the original

Oh Yeah Uh Uh - one version updated and another with an intro explaining how they used a typewriter (remember those) as a musical instrument. As an aside in Dean Martin's version of Houston the 'ding' sound at the start is the tap on a coke bottle. Did you know Houston was the first word relayed from the moon 'Houston the Eagle has landed'. You do now!!

Fraulein - sung live - Rock and rolling Clementine - Livin' Doll

Superb stuff from when music was music. The NZ version of Bye Bye Baby was sung by Vince Callagher (I am pretty certain that is the correct surname). Sadly, I am unable to get the song today as I have lost the original 45 somewhere in all my shifts.Vince also had a marvellous hit with Mr Rainbow Man - also a 45 that I have lost.

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