Sunday, February 1, 2009


Three artists starting with the letter B.

Beaumarks - Clap your hands - This was a Canadian rock group established in 1958 and their hit was the first hit rock record made entirely in Canada. From the NZ perspective it was I believe the first record released by the NZ Viking label in Australia and the record went right to the top.

Buddy Knox - Hula Love - The Party Doll man himself was born in Happy, Texas.
Part of his group was Jimmy Bowen who also went on to musical fame.

Bobby Goldsboro - Broomstick Cowboy -
His biggest hit was Honey; a song that never impressed me as too saccharine. In 1971 he was aboard a plane that was hijacked to Cuba. A NZ singer Paul Walden, covered one of his hits, Molly, also a pretty sad song.

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