Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yes still about - been away and verrrrrrrrry busy -
but back now

Jess Conrad - As you like it
Gale Storm - Dark Moon
Tony Babino - L'Internationale - the theme for Michael Moore's film Capitalism:a love story
Lolita- Cowboy Jimmy Joe- Lolita of Sailor fame
Bobby Denton - A fallen star

Sunday, May 8, 2011


All C and D today:

Col Joye - Todays Teardrops - a great hit for the late Roy Orbison

Chordettes - Baby Come A Back A - 1950's harmony

Dave Sampson - If you need me and It's Lonesome

Deep River Boys - Rock around the clock

Dorothy Provine - Don't bring LuLu

Dickie Pride - Frantic

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Here is another lot of oddities led off by one real odd one.

Vladimir Putin (yes he; the real Russian leader) 'singing' Blueberry Hill. He also plays the piano intro. This was done at a charity fundraiser in St. Petersburg. Some think he is terrible - but he sings better than me.

Mike Preston - Just ask your heart. As any reader will know Mike is a favourite of mine.

Chad Mitchell Trio - Super Skier (live) A bit of comedy.

Patsy Cline - Stupid Cupid. Done for a radio broadcast.

And now the great Sonny West with Oh Boy and Rave On.

How many realise Buddy Holly did not write these great songs and did not record them until a year after Sonny (the main writer) recorded them in 1957? His career is worth looking up.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm BACH (Not Johan Sebastian)

I'm back. Been away on holiday - Vietnam & China. We had a great time but of course the music hasn't been able to be actioned but this will now be overcome with again some odds and oldies right here for you.
Grumbleweeds - Hear my song Violetta. A great song done by an odd group. They are a British comedy group and this is an interesting version of a song that is one of my favourites.

Dick James - You can't be true dear.
Brothers 4 - Zulu warrior. I have had this LP for over 50 years.
Gene Autry - Blueberry Hill. Until recently I didn't realise that this song started off in the C & W area.
Dick Todd - Till I waltz again with you.
Chordettes - Humming Bird. I mostly remember them from the Back to the Future film when they sang Mr Sandman.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yes I am still here

Been away - Vietnam and China.

But meantime some odd and old stuff (music) - so listen up here

Wolves - Distant Drums
Hal Burton - Rave on
Dave Edmunds - Born to be with you
Lenny Welch - You can have her
Velvets - Lana
Billy the Kid Emerson - Apron Strings

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First of the new decade

Another mixture of some odd - unusual - strange - songs are here I hope - had some uploading problems!!.

Nope not there - so if you want all of these you need to go back to the Blog entry titled B for British of 3 February 2009. Yes back that far. There is probably a link with a later date but I can't be bothered searching it out!!

Something wrong today with Media fire and also Blogger of late is not loading straight away for some reason. Must be the Xmas Spirit.

Anyway the music -

Whirlwind - Blue moon of Kentucky

Valerie Masters with Banjo Boy.

Chordettes - Hi Lili Hi Lo

Don Cornell - I'm yours

Janis Martin with the Big O hit Ooby Dooby

Jody Miller - Silver threads and golden needles

Julius La Rosa - Torero

Leroy Anderson Pops Orchestra - A Christmas Festival (1959 Stereo Remake) - still a little bit of Xmas

The Auctioneer himself - Leroy Van Dyke and Don't let the stars get in your eyes

Linda Lauries - Stay at home Sue. A 'take off' of Dions big one. I only heard this for the first time the other day.

A 'take off" I assume is an expression that many who do not live down under do not understand the meaning of. It is a sort of rough/different/funny copy of the original.