Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Anthony Newley. Many years ago (it must have been the late 1950's) I saw the film Idle on Parade which had in it three of the songs you can hear here. In particular I liked 'I've waited so long' which, as I now realise, was written by Jerry Lordan of the Shadows 'Apache' fame. For many years I thought the film was called Idol on Parade being a play upon the words but it was not that clever.

Newley had a good, but not great career - I believe he was underrated.

Idle Rock a Boogie
Idle on Parade
I've waited so long

All from the film. Plus we have 'Do you mind', 'Why' and 'Personality' and the superb 'And the heavens cried' all available for you.

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