Monday, June 1, 2009


It is the Queens Birthday holiday today, although it is not exactly her birthday, just the day selected on which we celebrate the birth of the Queen (Elizabeth II). 

So we will not have Queen (the group) or British songs but Kiwi ones as she is the Queen of New Zealand.  

All of us - Sailing away. 

The song of the ill fated KZ7 (The plastic fantastic) 1987 challenge for the America's Cup in Perth. But of course that was only the start which led to success in 2000. 

The song was made in support of N Z's 1987 challenge and featured many Kiwi celebrities and singers such as Dave Dobbyn, Tim Finn, Billy T James, Barry Crump, Beaver, Suzanne Prentice, Ray Woolf, Annie Crummer, Tim Shadbolt, Jerry Coney, Roger Gascoinge and many others. 

Dean Waretini - The Bridge
Dinah Lee - Do the bluebeat. Her first and greatest hit
Howard Morrison Quartet - Get a little dirt on your hands
Toni Williams - Look over the hill.  I remember the stupid decision to change his name to Antoni so as to not get him confused with Tony Williams of The Platters. That idea lasted all of 10 minutes. 
Jim McNaught - Long tall Texan and I like your kind of love (with Rochelle Vinsen). Sadly Jim a great talent from Wellington died very young.
Librettos - Lets Go. This was the theme to the TV show hosted by Peter Sinclair. 

(listen from the link in the previous post)

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