Saturday, June 27, 2009


Here are some humorous and odd ones today starting with the great Harry Belafonte and Coconut woman.

I remember seeing the film Carmen Jones in which Harry starred but his voiced was dubbed as was the great Dorothy Dandridge (by the then unknown Lena Horne). Probably as a youngster this was my first real introduction to some classical music (albiet in a popular way) and the Toreadors song was terrific.

Gail Peevey (Jamie Horton) - I'm getting nuttin' for Xmas. I have posted Jamies cover of Connies Robot Man.
Buzz Clifford- Baby Sittin' Boogie.
Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren - Goodness Gracious Me

And some Kiwi humour -
Pat Rogers - Taumarunui.
Howard Morrison Quartet - Mori the Hori. Some non PC humour in the Billy T James style - although Billy T was many years later.
Rodd Derritt - Kiwi Train. And unfortunately this is true as in the 1950's N Z Railways was simply awful.

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