Thursday, January 29, 2009


All from about 50 years ago.

Dinah Lee - the Bluebeat Girl. Now singing in Australia.

Keil Isles - led by Herma Keil who later branched out on his own to great success. One of the stars of the TV series 'Lets Go' hosted by Peter Sinclair.

I remember going to the Farmers in Auckland to see Lonnie Donegan sing a couple of songs and autograph his records. The Keil Isles also played and while Lonnie was signing autographs a chap went up to him who was connected to the Donegan entourage and said "Hey Lonnie this backing group is really top notch" Lonnie just said 'Yeah' and carried on signing. I don't even think he was even listening. However the guy, who could have been his Manager, was clearly impressed.

Ronnie Sundin - A short bright star of the late 50's with his cover of 'Sea of Love' being much better than the American original. Backed by the incomparable (for over 50 years) Bill Sevesi, under the name of Will Jess. I am sure Bill is still going strong.

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