Saturday, January 24, 2009


A couple of songs from Australia's Col Joye. Bye Bye Baby Goodbye and Oh Yeah, Uh Uh which uses a typewriter as a musical instrument. These came out around 1959 I would guess. Col Joye is still performing today and has been awarded the Order of Australia. As you can see a stamp was even put out in his honour. A tremendous musician who has had a 50 year career.

In Kiwiland the hit version of Good bye baby, good bye was Vince C
allager (?) who also had a hit with Mr. Rainbow Man.
I have been looking for the
Vince Callagher versions of these two songs for years with no luck.

Whenever they have put out a compilation
of late 1950's it has never been there and enquiries at the record shops is of course a waste of time. Even the internet seems bare of information.

Links are - Oh Yeah, Uh, Uh followed by Bye Bye Baby

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