Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have decided to try Mediafire as the file host. To see the file just click the link below.
I had real problems saving the link but finally managed to post it into Notepad then into the Blogger input box but as I at first put the link at the top it jumbled up all the formatting of the subsequent posting so must remember to always put it at the bottom.

BLUE SMOKE - written in 1940 by Ruru Karaitiana when aboard the troopship Aquitania. It was a hit in 1949 for Ruru and Pixie Williams. I rate it as the greatest NZ song if you class Pokarakare Ana as a traditional song although I understand it was communally written around 1914.
Blue Smoke was the first record wholly produced in NZ from beginning - writing; to end - pressing. It was on the new TANZA (ToAid New Zealand Artists) label and was a stunning first production for the company as it went on to top the charts for weeks.

This version is at 56kbs so not the greatest copy. You should try and buy a version (not easy) and as usual will probably have to purchase 20 songs you already have.

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