Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Some really odd music here.

Joe Meek (1929-1967) - singing Magic Star. I have put this vocal version of Telstar up before but this time it is sung by the actual producer of the song. Joe produced many hits, Have I the right, Cumberland Gap, Johnny Remember Me to name just a few, but he had a sad ending to his life. At the age of 37, suffering from depression, he shot his landlady before committing suicide.

Frank Sinatra - with John F. Kennedy's theme song for the 1960 Us election. Taking his hit High Hopes Frank had the words changed to an election message for Kennedy.

Now the real oddity - Fred Lennon. This is Johns father trying to cash in on the fame of his son. Of course he had walked out on John and his mother and John had no time for him. The Next Time You Feel Important (Picadilly TN 35290 B) and That's My Life (My Love And My Home) (Picadilly TN 35290 A)

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